A train full of powerful Russian tanks self-imploded on arrival in Ukraine

A train-load of powerful Russian tanks has exploded in a Ukrainian station, seemingly by itself.

The convoy of t-62 tanks was being taken to Yasinovataya in the Donestsk region of Ukraine before appearing to randomly explode as it pulled in.

Smoke could be seen for miles around, and video footage of the incident went viral on social media.

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One video showed the smoke, while another showed the destroyed train station with the tank wreckage in full view – the video was fronted by a Russian soldier who claimed the tanks just exploded for no reason.

Some online hinted that it was actually Ukrainian missiles, however, and that this was a huge tactical victory for Ukraine.

The t-62 tank, of which is though to have several thousands, was originally built in 1961 by the Soviet Union, and was later produced by fell despots North Korea.

Its main weapon is a U-5TS gun, capable of firing around 10 huge shells per minute, at a distance of around 2,000 metres in range.

News of the very old tanks exploding was greeted with joy by many social media users.

One user wrote: “A Russian model of tank introduced in 1961.

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“I guess they'll be giving the guys they are about to mobilise sharp rocks and camo loincloths, at this rate.”

And another tweeted: “It looks like Ukraine has people behind enemy lines in Donetsk Oblast feeding target coordinates to Ukrainian artillery.”

And a third, Professor Robert Kelly, added: “That design is literally 60 years old.

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“I imagine that’s because of all the battlefield losses this year and sanctions constraints on production.”

No official comments has been released by the Kremlin yet, and if the last six months has shown us anything, it is that one probably won't be coming any time soon, either, especially as Russian President Vladimir Putin saw another 300 soldiers killed in action yesterday (September 22).

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