Activist Tash Peterson starts racy X page to separate from her Vegan activism

A vegan activist known for her controversial antics has set up a second X account purely for promoting her spicy content and less of her protests.

Animal activist Tash Peterson, aka Vegan Booty, is no stranger to striping down while standing up for her beliefs.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, the militant vegan who regularly dons a bikini – and even lingerie – to protest against eating animals, and appears often on social media scantily clad appears to be expanding on her saucy activities.

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Already with 11,000 people following her @vganbooty activism account on X, Tash has set up a second, more illicit account, @v_ganbooty.

Here, the activist whose initial X account bio reads, 'If you're not vegan, you're an animal abuser. End the animal holocaust', posts only sexy images of herself with links directing users to both of her OnlyFans accounts which have more than 63,000 and 22,000 followers respectively.

In a post on her original X account, the Australian explained: "This accounts posts will now be animal rights and veganism only and OnlyFans will be separate on this new account @v_ganbooty so follow me over there if you're interested.

Currently, the new X account only has two pictures.

In June this year, Tash staged a Lingerie Protest in Melbourne, inviting people to dress up in their "favourite pink lingerie" and march down Bourke Street, a major road in Melbourne's CBD while holding provocative signs such as "Plant-powered penises last longer" and "eat p**** not animals ", among other things Daily Star reports.

Alongside other under-clothed protesters, Tash campaigned against the use of feather and down in blankets and clothing.

Both men and women flocked to central Melbourne on Wednesday to brandish their provocative and sexual yet vegan-friendly placards.

Other signs being held up included the words "If you're not vegan, you're an animal abuser", "Veganism is hard for selfish people” and "Tofu never screams”.

Tash and boyfriend Jack Higgs had recently moved to Melbourne after she was allegedly banned from "every liquor licence venue" in Western Australia, her home state.

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