Adorable twins in hospital for 4 months blast coronavirus isolation moaners

A pair of twins who have been hospitalised for four months because of a rare skin condition ave criticised people for moaning about isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nhoa and Carla, from Spain, suffer from a rare skin condition known as "butterfly skin" and have been staying in hospital for treatment since December.

The twins made their plea in a short video, which begins with Nhoa saying: "Hello friends, I'm Nhoa. I'm Carla's twins."

Carla responds: "Hello friends, I'm Carla, Nhoa's twins."

"We have been in hospital for four months, and we don't complain," Nhoa continues.

Her sister adds: "You are told to stay at home for seven days, and you complain?"

They finish with an important message, saying: "Be happy with what you have. Stay home!"

The powerful message has been viewed more than 410,000 times on Twitter, where people praised them as "little angels" and thanked them for giving the advice.

One said: "Wonderful, Nhoa and Carla !! You are so beautiful that my heart melts with love! Thanks for your advice."

Another one wrote: "What a beautiful example of girls teaching the elderly. Beautiful girls, God, take care of them."

A third wished the twins a speedy recovery as he commented: "I wish they could be out in a few months. Those girls deserve the best."

The Spanish government declared on March 14 to extend the lockdown for another 15 days in bids to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

The country has overtaken China as the second worst-hit country by coronavirus with more than 4,000 deaths, another 655 fatalities from the past 24 hours, according to the health minister.

The overall number of confirmed cases in Spain increased to 56,188 as of today.

Hospitals at the worst-affected regions are facing a maximum capacity with dozens of patients seeking for medical assistance every day.

Video taken in the Hospital of Albacete in the region of Castilla La Mancha shows patients lining the corridors of the hospital, with others sitting on chairs.

Another clip taken in Madrid hospitals also captures coughing patients lying on corridor floors with only bedsheets below them.

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