Adult star claims Kate Middletons family are to blame for her stripping off

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    Kate Middleton's family have been dealt a fresh blow after an angry adult star blamed them for her taking to sex work full-time.

    Posters for Molly Brash's X-rated content popped up around the quaint Berkshire town of Bucklebury this week, including one stuck to a sign for Pippa Middleton's ­Bucklebury Farm. The posters show Molly posing in a bright pink bra next to her social media handles and the hashtag "#costoflivingcrisis."

    Molly started her raunchy side hustle back in January and, after being made redundant, turned to stripping off full-time in April to make ends meet. She said the company where she previously worked an admin job was left high and dry when Carole and Michael Middleton's partyware business, Party Pieces, went under this summer.

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    Molly, 23, told The Sun: "It’s not part of a promo, but as you can see by the photo, it would be a great publicity stunt for me. Don’t you think I deserve something back after being made redundant? I think I do."

    Carole and Michael set up the business from their home back in 1987 but were forced to sell it after it racked up £2.6million in debt. Sources claim the pair are trying to pay back creditors, while some have called on the royal in-laws to pay back their debts themselves.

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    Molly said she had her friends put the posters up on Wednesday night (October 25). An anonymous email address also sent digital copies of the saucy ad to hundreds of people.

    Attached to Molly's physical posters was a furious note explaining why she had the flyers put up. It read: "This is what I’ve turned to!! The company I used to work at has now let me go. This is because: PARTY PIECES HOLDINGS LTD have not paid their creditors!"

    Bizarrely, this isn't the first poster-related feud the Middletons have found themselves embroiled in this month. A similar smear campaign saw angry notes taped up around Bucklebury at the start of October calling on the Middletons to pay back their suppliers.

    Kate and her husband, Prince William, are regular visitors to the town and often take their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

    The Daily Star has contacted Party Pieces and the Middletons for comment.

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