Alignment of Venus means Israel to use out-of-the-box thinking to beat Hamas

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    Israel's army is set to use “out-of-the-box thinking” in its war against terror group Hamas – thanks to the alignment of the planet Venus.

    The mad claim comes from the experts at Power Fortune, who have analysed the stars to give an astrological reading on Israel's future path. And it appears as if the conflict could be over inside the next six months . . . but peace is much further away for the Jewish state.

    Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, they said: “Due to the influence of Jupiter, the Israeli authorities believe that they are justified in this response and will strive to impose their authority, however, the alignment of the Sun indicates that the country's image may be tarnished or they will struggle to win the PR war relating to this operation.

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    “Their emphasis will be on achieving tangible results, through careful planning and an attention to detail. The influence of Mercury will however, result in a lack of clarity in as to how this operation is executed, that is, the strategy that the Israelis adopt is likely to undergo frequent change, reducing its efficacy.

    “As Venus controls both the house of gains and house of enemies, from its position in the house of fate, the country will take advantage of the multitude of resources at its disposal and use this to prevail over its adversaries through some out-of-the-box thinking.”

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    The experts also took a stab at when the war between Israel and Hamas – proscribed as a terrorist group by the UK in 2021 – could end, and they used the start chart of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to do so. However, issues arise when you consider the frequency with which Israel changes its leadership, as Netanyahu has been both in and out of office two already this year.

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    They said: ”He is always ready to take up challenges, but due to the influence of Saturn and the Moon, his plans will only bring him limited success and his fortunes will have many ups and downs. By around late November, the state of Israel will enter planetary periods of 'Rahu' and Saturn. “These periods are complementary and there will be a gradual, but progressive improvement in the situation for the country.

    “This will lead to a change in the situation, favouring Israel, after May 2024. More disturbances and uncertainty are likely in the region between mid-September and early November 2024, but these will however, be relatively minor problems."

    More than 11,200 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7. In Israel, the official death toll from Hamas's attacks stands at more than 1,200.

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