Anglers reel in 1000-pound ‘Godzilla’ shark in ‘record breaking discovery’

A captain of a charter boat has dubbed a 1000-pound shark "Godzilla" after fighting to capture the record-breaking beast.

Captain Chip Michalove of Outcast Sportfishing noticed the massive hammerhead while he was offshore at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina last week.

He said the shark made smart manoeuvres and charged several times at the bait but still managed to resist.

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The captain said the sea predator continued to tease him so he decided to return the following day for take two, with veteran anglers, Pete Quartuccio and his pal.

“I gotta catch this guy Godzilla or, you know, he may be disappointed,” he told himself.

During the shark charter, the hammerhead made another appearance, this time taking the bait and sparking a huge battle against the three of them.

It was reported that Quartuccio was on the rod when the hammerhead struck on the morning of June 13, reports Island Packet.

“She ripped off like a bus, taking 400 yards in about 60 seconds,” Michalove told USA Today.

“I released from the anchor and spun the boat to chase [the shark]. I knew she was going to be enormous, but I didn’t know of the enormity until we got her a little closer and I could see the width.”

The shark enthusiast said it took Quartuccio and his friend around an hour to draw the hammerhead near enough for him to grab it.

“They were so exhausted they could barely stand,” he added.

“I tried to get them to lean over for a picture, but they wouldn’t budge. So I threw a quick tag in the shark, popped the hook and sent her off.”

The shark, which was nearly 14ft, nearly helped the group smash South Carolina's state record which stands at 588 pounds.

But because Michalove let it back into the sea, the record didn't count.

He added: “Fifteen years ago, I would’ve thrown a rope around her head and dragged her back to demolish the records. But these sharks have given me a good life and they’re too important to our fishery.

“We’ve recaptured so many tigers, lemons, bulls, I owe them everything. I’ve gotten a few messages on how I should’ve dragged her back, but there’s not even a question that we did the right thing.”

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