Anti-vax care home worker claims she would rather give up job than get Covid jab

A care home worker has said she would rather lose her job than get the Covid vaccine, ahead of the deadline set by the Health Secretary.

Sajid Javid set September 16 as the date by which all care home workers must have had their first dose, with November 11 the date for the second dose – unless they are medically exempt.

Rebecca Parsons, 30, says she is being "emotionally blackmailed" to get the jab, after the care home she works for in Stoke essentially told her she would lose her job if not.

But the mum-of-one believes it’s people’s personal choice whether to have the vaccine or not and that her immune system is strong enough to combat the disease.

She told the Daily Mail: "I just don't want it. I've got no problem with people who do have it. I just believe in people's choice.

The 30-year-old added that the anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder that she’s suffered with, due to the sexual abuse she suffered as a child, have been brought back as a result of the vaccine ultimatum.

"It's kicking up the effects from the abuse I suffered and it's mentally abusing me.

"When I was little I had no choices, my abuser took it from me.

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"You wouldn't put a vaccination and child sexual abuse together but it's kicking off anxieties in me not having a choice with my own body."

Ms Parsons, who has worked in care for the past five years, argues that there have not been trials into whether there are any long-term effects related to the jab.

She said: "I'm almost being emotionally blackmailed to have it to keep the job that I love. You are being made to feel selfish for putting yourself first and it's just not right."

The care home worker argues that the residents would lose out as well if she were to leave her job, as they 'love' her.

The self-proclaimed actor also worries about the negative effect a potential job could be on her son and their lifestyle.

She said: "My little boy is relying on me for support so I am scared that if I lose my job I will have no income. My lifestyle will turn upside down if I lose this job."

This comes as an anti-vax nurse in Germany is suspected of injecting over 8,000 with saline instead of the covid vaccine.

Meanwhile, an anti-vaxxer from California was proudly against the covid vaccine even while on his deathbed, defiantly tweeting, "I got 99 problems but a vax ain't one", adapting Jay Z's lyrics from his song '99 problems.

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