B.C. automotive association wants parts of industry declared an essential service during COVID-19

The Automotive Retailers Association says it’ll be asking the provincial government to declare parts of the automotive sector an essential service.

With businesses in B.C. being asked or told to close to help spread the limit of the novel coronavirus, the association says the automotive sector plays a critical role in the provincial economy.

Specifically, in a press release issued this week, the Automotive Retailers Association (ARA) said the industry “is critical for maintaining the flow of goods and services across the province and helping to keep B.C.’s roadways safe.”

The parts that the association is asking government to be declared an essential service are automotive repair, towing, recovery and auto parts supply.

The association said it represents more than 1,000 automotive businesses in B.C., which employ an estimated 50,000 British Columbians.

It also said that 91 per cent of survey respondents supported a declaration that the sector should be considered an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The press release noted that 52 per cent of those who responded to the survey are responsible for servicing emergency vehicles or other vehicles deemed essential by government.

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