BBC Weather: Icy winds to follow intense band of rain

Weather: BBC forecasts wind and rain across the UK

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There is potential for flooding and transport delays because of strong winds and heavy rain set to hit parts of the UK on Thursday. The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for parts of Wales, southern and western England, Northern Ireland and southern Scotland. Meterologist Louise Lear warned Brits temperatures will hover around single figures tomorrow morning before the rain.

She said: “Where we do see clearing skies particularly in eastern areas, temperatures down to low single figures to start off Thursday.

“But a little more of a breeze heading out towards the west with more cloud here as the winds will continue to strengthen and the clouds will bring rain through the course of the day.

“It’s worth bearing in mind on Thursday all of us will see a spell of wet weather for quite a short, sharp shock.

“It’s a narrow band of intense rain. The bright greens and yellows denoting the intensity of that rain as it continues to sweep its way steadily eastwards.

“Tucking in behind we will continue to see a few scattered showers driven on by gale-force gusts of wind particularly through the Irish Sea down towards the Bristol channel.”

Strong winds and rain could impact areas including Cardiff, Plymouth, Truro, Exeter, Portsmouth, Bath and Brighton from 10am-7pm, it said.

It said some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport are likely, with spray and flooding on roads possibly making journey times longer.

The flooding of a few homes or business is also possible, it added.

BBC Weather: UK warned of unsettled rain and strong winds

The weather service said there could be 10-22mm of rain, with 40-50mph gusts inland, rising to 60-70mph on exposed coasts.

The forecaster added: “A brief spell of heavy rain and strong, gusty winds perhaps causing some transport disruption and flooding.

“A narrow band of rain, heavy at times and perhaps briefly intense, will move eastwards late on Thursday morning and into the afternoon, clearing Kent during the evening.

“Ten to 15 mm is likely to fall in a one-to-two-hour period, with around 20 mm in a few places.


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“With saturated ground, this is likely to lead to a fair amount of surface water on roads and flooding in one or two places.

“Strong winds will be an additional hazard with gusts of 40-50 mph inland and perhaps briefly 60-70 mph along some exposed coasts, especially in Cornwall, Pembrokeshire, Gwynedd and Anglesey.”

It warned that strong winds could sweep across parts of Northern Ireland, including Belfast, Newry, Londonderry and Omagh from 8am-2pm on Thursday.

Parts of southern Scotland such as Dumfries and Ayr are also set to be affected, it said.

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