BBC Weather: Record-breaking extreme heatwave grips Spain as temperatures pass 44C

BBC Weather: Europe set for heatwave

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Spain is braced for extreme weekend weather, as a record-breaking heatwave grips the country. According to the latest BBC weather forecast, the “extreme heat” will be in excess of 40C across much of the Iberian peninsula. BBC meteorologist Nick Miller said that the Spanish capital Madrid “could well experience a record high in the city” on Sunday.

The previous record high temperature in Madrid is 40.7C, set on 28 June 2019.

Mr Miller told BBC viewers: “Extreme heat in parts of Iberia this weekend, particularly Spain. That will ease as we go through the week ahead.

“Before then, temperatures will be in excess of 40C in some spots.

“The sunshine is baking Iberia and producing those temperatures in Madrid, which could well threaten a record high in the city.”

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He added that there is “not a lot of heat around the UK this weekend”.

Mr Miller continued: “We will continue with some wet weather for a time in London.

“But there are signs of something a bit more summery arriving later in the week as temperatures go up.

“The satellite pictures show we have an area of cloud and low pressure gradually moving its way further eastward in Europe.

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“That will take some downpours from Sunday into France and Germany.

“Central parts of Europe will be seeing some thunderstorms on Sunday, with some areas seeing an awful lot of rain in a short space of time.

“There is also plenty of dry weather across much of Italy this weekend.”

According to Spain’s national weather agency Aemet, parts of the country will be the hottest place in the world on Sunday.


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Aemet spokesman Rubén del Campo said: “It will be the hottest weekend that we have so far had this summer. It will be a brief, but intense episode.”

He warned that the southern half of the country, such as the Guadalquivir Valley, could see temperatures soar to 45C.

The heat will even stay in excess of 25C at nighttime across parts of the country.

Mr Del Campo added: “It is going to be a dramatic heat. They are extreme temperatures that even in the Guadalquivir Valley, which is already very hot, are rarely reached.”

Juan Jesús González Alemán, a meteorologist for Aemet, said: “It will be really anomalous.

“Large parts of the peninsula will enter one of the hottest regions on the surface of the planet.

“It will be an extension of the traditional summer ‘heat belt’ that usually extends from Algeria to India.”

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