Belmarsh inmates battered guard with tuna can-filled sock during violent clash

Violent disputes between prisoners and staff in HMP Belmarsh led to one officer being “battered” with a tuna can, a new documentary has revealed.

Located in south-east London, HMP Belmarsh is one of the UK’s most notorious prisons, and has housed infamous names like Charles Bronson and Stephen Port.

After reports that some inmates were able to set up Sharia courts within the jail’s walls, a new Channel 5 documentary, HMP Belmarsh: Maximum Security, has offered viewers a glimpse of the fighting that can sometimes take place inside.

And, one prisoner, Babar Ahmad, who was detained in the UK without trial for eight years recalled an extreme example of the violence that could occur when the relationship between officers and prisoners turned sour.

“Occasionally you will get a prison officer who just wants to be an idiot. This officer would do something like taking an extra milk carton, or you’re not really allowed to have one, or taking an extra pillow, taking an extra blanket,” he began.

“So a group of prisoners, they decided to teach him a lesson. They grabbed the officer, they took him inside the cell.

“They had tuna cans, which they had put inside socks and they just battered him. For about ten minutes they just battered him all over the place.”

Another prisoner, Kevin Lane, who was serving time for murder, admitted to personally scrapping with a guard after a dispute escalated.

“I went on escort one day, and some threats were made against me by a prisoner officer. Threatening to kill me, I said, ‘take these cuffs off we’ll have a chat about it’.

“The cuffs came off during the search procedure, he wants me to stand there like a performing clown… I’ve taken my clothes off over ten times that day.

You can watch HMP Belmarsh: Maximum Security at 9pm tonight on Channel 5.

“It went off, I ended up knocking him spark out.”

Viewers also heard from the perspective of officers who had worked in the high-security south London jail.

In one shocking account, George Shipton recalled one incident where two prisoners had escaped during a transfer.

“These two inmates got out of a secure van, and ran through the streets of Bermondsey… They caught them, but one held a blade to my mate’s throat,” he claimed.

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