Best friends tragically die after being swept out to sea on Christmas Day

Two friends were dragged out to sea and drowned just moments after taking a happy Christmas Day snap on the beach.

Anupam Chhabra and Ashu Duggal, both 26, visited Squeaky Beach in Wilsons Promontory, Australia on Friday where strong currents swept them into deeper water at around 3.40pm.

A witness tried to resuscitate Mr Chhabra when his body washed ashore hours later but he was officially declared dead.

A 24-hour air and sea search found Mr Duggal's body at around 4pm the following day on Saturday.

Mr Duggal’s sister Anu told The Herald Sun that Ashu had taken professional swimming lessons before the group trip to Squeaky Beach but it was the pair’s first time there.

Aditya Chhabra, the brother of Anupam and Ashu's pal, shared his disbelief on social media as his journey home for the trip 220km southeast of Melbourne, would be without them.

Aditya wrote: “I still can‘t believe that this trip was our last trip together.

“On 25th December, my brother Anupam Chhabra and his childhood best friend Ashu Duggal went for a trip with me and my friends but they never came back with us and went on a journey outside this world.

“This world would never be the same without you guys. Every moment spent with both of you was precious and I wish could have had a lot more.

“I will miss you always and I hope that you are in good place now.

“May God bless your souls. Your stories were short lived but your legacy will stay with us forever. I love you both and I will always do till my last breath.

"Just take care of each other in the other realm.”

A colleague of Anupam, Mandi Bennett, said he was a beautiful man, and “never stopped smiling”.

“He never said a bad word against anyone. He was the biggest ray of sunshine in the kitchen,” she wrote.

“He has been taken from this life way too early. You will be very missed, Anup.”

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