Bloke smashes record for most Gordon Ramsay pizza slices eaten, scoffs over 40

A bloke has smashed a record at Gordon Ramsay's all you can eat pizza restaurant, powering through well over 40 slices of the Italian staple.

For just £17, diners can chow down on as much pizza as they like for two hours, though some head to the restaurant in the hopes of beating a long-standing record. That is just what YouTuber BeardMeetsFood did in a trip to the restaurant.

Slicing through the previously held 38 slice record, the YouTuber who specialises in eating challenges made easy work of the doughy delights and tanked through the food.

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Darting across the UK and United States for a variety of eating challenges, Adam Moran found himself in Gordon Ramsay's famed pizza restaurant. The towering challenge was smashed in a "bumpy ride" from the food conqueror.

He has since smashed the previous record by a margin of ten slices. Speaking after his mad food challenge, Adam said: "That was hard work but we got it done, new record 48 slices. Come down, see if you can beat it. Or actually don’t, just have one of their regular pizzas."

Adam's food challenge has since racked up an impressive 5.2million views, and the foodie has admitted he believed the record was much lower than he first thought. In fact, Adam thought the original record was just 18 slices, Dextero reported.

Writing in the description of his YouTube video, Adam explained: "Originally, I was under the impression that the record was 18 slices (because that's what it says on the restaurant's website) but upon catching a glimpse of the leaderboard…I soon discovered that the record was actually a much more formidable 38 slices…

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"I've got a crew with me for today's video, which I know some people don't particularly like, since everything feels a little different, but it's a nice change of pace and more than anything a necessity when filming an episode where the staff members are serving food from start to finish…"

Comments left on the video praised the bottomless gut Adam appears to hold, with one user writing: "He made it look so easy. And here I am getting full after 4 slices."

Others focused on the quality of the slice at hand, with one user saying they "looked amazing" and the dough looked "lovely". Another user found the video "highly motivational" for powering through an excess of pasta.

They added: "I prepared way too much pasta for myself and I hate it when it’s reheated, so I had to down it in one sitting, so this video was highly motivational for me and helped a lot. Thanks!"

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