Bloke wins parking row and won’t have to pay £100 fine ‘as he’s an M&S regular’

A man has given hope to all of us by winning an appeal to over turn a parkingfine.

Tim Hall, 63, who is a regular customer at his local Marks and Spencer branch in Cornwall, was given a parking fine, despite having nearly a full hour left on the ticket he had paid for.

He was given a Parking Charge Notice letter in the post eight days after he visited the shop for his bi-weekly food shop with wife Eileen.

The letter said that he had been given a £100 fine, reduced to £50 if paid after 14 days.

However, Mr Hall was not taking the fine lying down.

He said: “We regularly shop at M&S – we get all of our food there and occasionally clothing too.

''It's great and very convenient.

''We park at the car park every two weeks on a Wednesday or Thursday, and always pay £2.50 for 2 hours of parking.

"We are not the sort of people to not pay or be dishonest, and were very upset to get the fine and to be honest were not hopeful our appeal would be accepted.

“The news came as a surprise but we are very pleased.

“It's good news that on this occasion they decided to drop the fixed charge notice.”

Napier Parking director James de Savary has said that they accepted the appeal because he was a “regular customer”.

He clarified that they could not find a transaction for the parking paid by the couple, but, having taken into account the couple's past history of paying regularly, it was cancelled on that basis.

He added that they always encourage motorists to appeal should they feel they have grounds to do so.

In November, it was announced that park fines had risen by 64% in five years, from April to June 2016.

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