Blokes boat capsizes as tiger shark hunts turtle in heart-stopping footage

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A bloke captured the heart-stopping moment a tiger shark and giant turtle were caught in a brawl before the attack turned on him.

The Australian bloke was sitting in his boat when he saw the shark begin circling the turtle which was swimming in the shallow water below his boat.

He began panicking as he realised he was sitting directly in the path of the shark, only to have his boat capsized by the beast seconds later.

In the clip which was shared via YouTube shorts by SHORTS_24_4U, the Aussie bloke was heard yelling: "This tiger shark and this turtle are having a showdown and I'm right in the thick of it.

"Oh no! This is intense. They're underneath me. The tiger has the turtle underneath me. I don't know if I'm in the best position right now.

"I'm between a tiger and a turtle. Oh f*ck."

The news comes after a fisherman captured the mesmerising moment dozens of sharks were caught in a feeding frenzy on the carcass of a dead whale off the coast of a tourist hotspot in Western Australia.

Watch the video below – WARNING: STONG LANGUAGE

Australian travellers John Cloke and Indy Crimmins spotted the frenzy two weeks ago while camping at Betty's Beach, northwest of Albany, and set up a drone to get a closer look.

The pair captured a mass of sharks feasting and circling a 15-metre humpback whale carcass in crystal clear waters and posted the clip to Instagram on Monday (May 16).

Cloke believes there could have been more than "about 100 sharks around the carcass".

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The beach has been closed off by Albany authorities as the decomposing carcass posed a significant risk to swimmers.

However, the remains have since washed up on the beach but the warning is still in place as the sharks may still be in close proximity to the shore.

Whale carcasses often attract a large number of sharks as they are an easy source of energy-rich food which most species will eat.

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