Bloke’s strange relationship with sex doll after years of ‘frozen loneliness’

A 54-year-old man in an intimate relationship with a sex doll says he wants to break the stigma around having a doll companion.

The man, a carpenter from New South Wales who has not revealed his name, became extremely lonely during Covid.

“Home was very empty. You get lacklustre when there’s no stimulation in your life,” he told 7Life.

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“I hadn’t touched a girl in two years – and it all got a bit strange and distant.”

He then met his real-life partner, which gave him some much needed company, but she lived some 5,000 kilometres away.

In spite of all the video and phone calls, the man still craved intimacy and turned to the internet in search of something that could fill the void.

It was there that he discovered the burgeoning community of people who keep sex dolls as companions.

“All of a sudden, I’m like ‘Wow. these things are unreal. I thought, Why not?'" he said.

Soon after, his $3000 (£2,500) sex doll arrived, which he named “Karina Luvly.”

What he didn't expect, was that he would develop strong feelings for the doll, which weren't just sexual.

“All of a sudden, from emptiness, I had something that required care and maintenance and improvement in a feminine way,” he said.

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He began enjoying dressing up his doll and has since set up an Instagram account sharing content of them hanging out which has over 10,000 followers.

“The activities I’m doing now are completely different to before I got Karina,” he said.

Since setting up the Instagram, the man has found many other like minded people who have a similar relationship with their own dolls.

He added: “A lot of people talk to me and say ‘it’s really nice to talk to someone with the same interest’, and they just tell me why they’ve ended up with a doll."

A month after purchasing Karina, the man decided to tell his real-life partner about his new companion.

He says they initially argued but after he fully opened up about it she eventually accepted it.

After that, the man even introduced Karina to his 85-year-old mum.

He said: “She was just so scared and didn’t even want to touch her at first but she warmed up and was helping fuss over the hair – it was bloody hilarious.”


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