Bogus Conscription letter tells Brits to head to Army bases to fight Putin

Bogus letters warning of "conscription" to fight in the war in Ukraine have been delivered to the doorsteps of unsuspecting Brits.

A falsified letter was discussed by dozens on Reddit, with one recipient sharing that they had been chosen from a select group of random civilians to be "drafted to training".

Vague in its meaning, the bogus letter appears to only give details of a meeting date at the nearest recruitment centre and says the recipient should not "inform the public" of their conscription.

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Posting to Reddit to warn people of the scam "going around", several users attempted to figure out what the point of the letter was.

The letter, which blasted Vladimir Putin for "war crimes" and called the situation in Ukraine "dire", featured plenty of official images and insignias that would shore up a professional-looking letter.

Yet despite offering up the number of a recruitment centre and the location too, it has been confirmed that the letter is a definite bogus "conscription" piece, which social media users are now trying to figure out the point of.

Suggestions ranged from "burglary" to just plain pranks, but one user questioned how many people have "fallen for it".

They said: "Conscription for a war we're not actively fighting in. Wonder if anyone has fallen for it."

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Another suggested: "It’s just a prank to get people who are daft enough to go down to the recruitment office babbling on about some letter."

One user agreed, adding: "I can only imagine this is a prank, as there's no actual profit to the person perpetrating the scam. They'll show up at the recruitment centre on the day and film as many berks as they can queuing up."

Former squaddies in the armed forces are said to have received "the exact same letter" which prompted the original poster to confirm he had never been part of the Army.

They said: "Nope, never had anything to do with the Army. I'm also disabled, albeit mildly, so feel like I wouldn't be their first choice."

The Ministry of Defence declined to comment on the bogus letters.

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