Booze-free drink that makes punters tipsy without a hangover is set to launch

A new booze-free drink which makes you feel drunk could make hangovers from hell a thing of the past.

The tipple gives the fuzzy feeling of alcohol without the after effects, its creator claims. And it may be on supermarket shelves by 2025.

The product, called Alcarelle, is the brainchild of former government drugs advisor Professor David Nutt.

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He said: “Assuming you’re not a heavy drinker and you haven’t de-sensitised your brain receptors then it will have an effect like a glass of wine.

“It’s a mellow effect, it’s a mellow relaxation, but you’re not sleepy and don’t fall asleep – you just feel a bit chilled. That’s the clever thing about it. However much you took, you won’t get a greater effect but you’ll get a longer effect".

And the important part, he says, is “that it won’t cause hangovers.”

The scientist, from Imperial College London, said his synthetic alcohol is like a flavourless spirit which can be paired with mixers and takes 15 minutes to kick in.

Professor Nutt said Alcarelle was much safer than “harmful” booze. But people should still avoid driving if they drink it.

The website says: “We are hoping to go to market with an approved product by 2025.”

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The world of booze has become increasingly high tech over recent years.

A robot called Homer that uses electroencephalogram (EEG) technology to track brain patterns via activity in the forehead can plug directly into a drinker’s brain to pour the perfect pint.

Homer began as a fun experiment set up by an entrepreneur, robotics expert and neuroscientist Seth Jackson.

It was created just a year later and Seth set up the company Thirsty Thoughts to share his machine with the public.

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He approached a neuroscientist and roboticist in 2016 and asked how feasible a mind-controlled beer pouring robot was they laughed in his face.

Seth said: “This is the world’s one and only mind controlled, beer-pouring robot.

It reads your mind and measures your mental focus.

“It doesn’t know what your focusing on, you could be focusing on anything, but you’re controlling the robots pour of the tap and the angle of the glass.


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