Boy, 7, drove parents’ car into traffic while they were asleep to get ‘slushie’

A seven-year-old boy has caused a scare after driving his parents' car into oncoming traffic while on the hunt for a slushie in Ohio, America.

Daniel Wittenback took his parents' SUV for a morning joyride while the pair were asleep, taking the vehicle for a spin through oncoming traffic after wanting a slushie from Speedway.

Dashboard cameras caught th eboy strapping in his seatbelt and settling into the driver's seat before taking the SUV for a spin.

Cars are said to have swerved to avoid the youngster who drove into the oncoming traffic, prompting a 911 call and law enforcement intervention.

The person that made the call said: "He almost hit another work vehicle. It was a boy – a child."

Daniel was even said to be playing music along the way to Speedway, where he hoped to purchase a slushie.

Eventually, the young driver hit the median and slowed down, with another driver attempting to help the youngster by trying to smash the window of the car after wrapping his hands in a shirt.

It was only at this point that the youngster started to get worried, shouting: "Stop! It's my mom's car!"

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Daniel's father, Brian Wittenbach, said: "He didn't understand that people were trying to help him and trying to stop the vehicle."

Another driver had tried to block the SUV, but Inside Edition reports that it still hit a Jeep head on.

Daniel thankfully wasn't hurt in his joyride mission for a slushie and remains blissfully unaware of the danger he was in, with his father, Brian, reporting that his son had wanted a slushie from a local petrol station, Speedway.

Although his parents keep their car keys high out of reach, Daniel seems to be quite the climber, with Brian adding: "I'm just thankful he's alive."

Child protective services are set to speak with Daniel's parents.

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