‘Brazen’ foxes put on X-rated lunchtime romp in front of red-faced locals

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A pair of amorous foxes took to the roof of one baffled resident's garden shed for a tryst that caused a stir in the local community.

The animals were branded "brazen" after they were snapped getting down to business in Kingswood, near Bristol, while the bemused onlooker also labelled them "exhibitionist."

The post was shared in a Kingswood community Facebook page and wrote: "These criminals of the night are not just brazen by night but exhibitionists by day!"

The foxes did not seem to worry that they were 'on display' while going at it on top of a garden shed at lunchtime, as reported by Bristol Live.

The photos were greeted with hilarity, with one woman named Brenda writing: "Wow there [sic] not shy" with laughing emojis.

Kelly seemed to recognise the pair, writing: "These two are always outside ours each evening."

Josie added: "Must be something in the air today, our local Casanova was strutting across the garage roofs this morning making a noise like a spaceship. Guess it translates to "ladies"?"

Brandon wrote: "Last time I did this I ended up in a police car," accompanied by two laughing emojis.

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Despite the signs of enjoyment from the fox couple, there were serious concerns raised for the male fox pictured, with many saying that it appears he has mange – a skin disease in mammals caused by mites.

Ken wrote: "Can someone please message me where I can treat this fox or who regularly feeds him. His mange will pass on to any cubs or possibly people's dogs if it isn't treated."

Sally added: "Can I have location please … we gonna get a fox rescue to come check on the male as he appears in a bad condition".

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