Brit mum in Turkey for dental check-up told she has brain tumour ‘size of fist’

A Brit mum who flew to Turkey for a dental check-up was rushed to hospital after doctors found a deadly brain tumour.

Lisa Robinson, 44, went to Antalya for a routine cosmetic consultation at the Magic Smile Turkey clinic on June 24.

The mum-of-two sought medical assistance after she felt "drunk" and lost her balance. She said doctors initially thought she was "possessed" after her eyes began to roll and turned from brown to blue.

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"I had no balance, and I was falling back as though I had been drinking alcohol. But I told the doctor I hadn’t," she said.

"They then transported me to the hospital and when I got there I had to give them £620 before I was seen."

An MRI scan revealed a Glioblastoma – an aggressive brain tumour – the size of a "clenched fist".

"I was also haemorrhaging with a lot of blood," she said.

"Because I had hair extensions in, they had to shave my head, and I then had an operation that lasted 13 hours and I woke up in intensive care.

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"Staff came to me and said 'you’re very lucky to be alive. We didn’t think you’d pull through. You had a 25% survival rate, and you could have been severely paralyzed'.'"

Despite her initial elation, health insurer AXA Partners has refused to foot the £55,000 bill because she hadn't "declared her previous medical history".

An AXA Partners spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear about Ms Robinson’s illness and are pleased that she is recovering well.

“Whilst we understand that this is a distressing situation, declaring previous medical history is extremely important when purchasing travel insurance, as not doing so can invalidate your policy.

“The initial question that Ms Robinson was asked at the start of the sales process, is there to determine the best policy cover based on any previous medical history.

“Had Ms Robinson declared her previous medical history, she would have been offered an alternative insurance policy that would have better suited her needs and covered her for medical assistance related to this condition whilst abroad.”

Sadly, when she returned home to Consett, County Durham, on Wednesday (June 13) doctors said Lisa had untreatable stage four cancer that had spread around her body.

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Lisa said: "I just feel so frustrated. I’m a 44-year-old, and my life has changed in three weeks.

"Initially I thought, ‘This is a bit OTT. What do I need to go to another hospital for?’

"I definitely didn’t think for one minute that it would be cancer."

Lisa is now raising money to cover her crushing medical bills (here). Amazingly, £16,000 of the £50,000 target has already been donated.


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