Britain could bake in hottest June ever with blistering 32C temperatures

The summer could finally be sparked into life next week, with some Brits set to sizzle in temperatures of more than 30C, the Met Office has stated.

There is an area of hot air rising northwards move from Spain, which will bring Mediterranean-like weather billowing into the country, the Daily Mirror reports.

It is beginning to warm up nicely in the south, but for those in the northern parts of the UK, the search remains for some decent weather, with heavy rain and high winds, from the remnants of Storm Alex, continuing to be an annoyance.

“Will the weather warm up next week? The short answer is yes, in many places,” revealed forecaster Aidan McGivern.

“Will it be a heatwave, will it be a headline grabbing scorcher? Well, the less exciting answer is that it is simply too early to tell.

“Heat is building across Spain and that heat pushes into France and by the middle of next week it is not far away. In fact the northern part of that starts to influence the UK, so by all areas of the middle of next week starting to warm up.”

Frustrated weather watchers took to Twitter to vent their spleens at the current state of play, with one user asking: "Any sign of some prolonged decent weather in NW England? Spring has been absolutely crap.”

And someone in Scotland simply wrote on Saturday (June 11): “Winter-like conditions in Cumbernauld today.”

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Met Office meteorologist Jonathan Vautrey confirmed his colleague’s predictions, adding: “At the moment, the model wants to take us up to mid-20s by the middle of the week and then potentially into low 30s for Friday, which would be the warmest conditions we have seen over the course of this year so far.”

The Met Office’s highest recorded temperature for the UK this year was 27.5C at Heathrow in London, on May 17.

England and the South East is set to enjoy the “hottest of the weather” because the high-pressure is not extending across the whole of the country, which will keep thing “cooler in northern areas”, but they “will probably still see a gradual increase in temperatures”, Vautrey added.

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