Britons abandoned in Sudan are being treated as spies by militia

UK armed forces have completed evacuation of British diplomats from Sudan

Sudanese volunteers working to help desperate civilians escape vicious in-fighting in Khartoum have claimed that foreigners caught attempting to flee the warzone have become targets. It has been claimed the “untrained” Rapid Support Forces paramilitary group are viewing white people from the west with suspicion. That’s according to a volunteer who is helping victims to safety who had an exclusive chat with

But it’s thought thousands of British citizens could be stranded in the war-torn African nation with “looting and gunfire” serving as a terrifying backdrop. And it has been claimed British nationals waiting for answers on what to do next should expect “no assurances”.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government is currently “exploring every option” to get people out of harm’s way and back home, but details of how this will work are yet to emerge.


A source familiar with evacuation efforts has told the Express: “It’s very dangerous for foreigners to go out. RSF doesn’t know how to deal with [foreigners] especially if they’re white.

“The militias are not well trained so they will think they’re spies.” Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the source shared accounts of terrible conditions civilians trapped in the Sudanese capital.

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The organiser of evacuations, who is not being named for security reasons, warned that this worsening situation could see some trapped families without electricity, food or water – which means staying put is simply not an option

They told “Our area doesn’t have electricity and water since the start of the war besides there’s no grocery shop opening.

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