Brits facing washout week as Bank Holiday sunshine gives way to gloomy skies

The end of the bank holiday weekend sadly coincides with the return of some classic British gloomy weather.

Despite parts of the country enjoying some sunshine over the long weekend, we hardly got the August we have come to expect over the last few years.

So it may come as no shock to people when they wake up to grey skies and colder temperatures today, Manchester Evening News reports.

The sun might show itself in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the southwest but for most of us, the last day of August will just be another gloomy Tuesday with the chance of a light shower.

Although most places across the country are due to remain dry and cloudy, with temperatures floating between 11 and 19 Celsius.

Throughout the day, central and eastern parts may experience some drizzly showers which will clear out by the evening, allowing for a bright sunset across much of the country.

This morning, lucky residents of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the west of England will be waking up to some sunshine with the clearest morning skies being found in Plymouth.

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Temperatures will start off cool, between 11 and 13 Celsius for the most part. Northwestern areas in England and the southwest of Scotland will have a chillier start to the ay however as temperatures there will be between 8 and 9 Celsius.

By midday, temperatures should have risen to highs of 18 Celsius in London and the southeast to lows of 13 or 14 Celsius in Northern Ireland and the Scottish highlands.

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Elsewhere across the country temperatures remain mild at around 16C and cloud will give way to the occasional bout of drizzle in the midlands and eastern areas of the country.

In most places, the cloudy skies stick around until at least 7pm but as the evening goes on the cloud is due to clear and make way for some sunny spells just before dark.

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