Brussels coronavirus meltdown: George Galloway explains why EU lockdown is ‘hypocrisy’

George Galloway has lambasted the European Union’s “hypocritical” response to Donald Trump, after they criticised his travel ban. On Thursday, President Trump imposed a unilateral ban on travel from 26 European countries in a bid to contain the coronavirus. Only two countries, the UK and Ireland, were left off the travel ban.

In response, the EU, which has struggled to unite during the pandemic, condemned the move.

European chiefs insisted the crisis ”requires cooperation rather than unilateral action”.

Top European Union officials Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel said the COVID-19 pandemic is a “global crisis”

George Galloway ridiculed this EU attack, claiming it was pure “hypocrisy” for Brussels to criticse the US on a travel ban.

He pointed out that the entire European continent is on a lockdown, or travel ban, meaning residents inside countries like Italy and Denmark are forbidden to travel between cities.

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The former MP told RT: “The US has every right to control its borders, every right to decide who can come in and who must leave.

“That is the principle of national sovereignty.

“I suppose the UK exemption is the special relationship in action.”

Mr Galloway then savaged the response from Brussels leadership, saying: “As for the EU, this is hypocrisy on their part.

“After all if you live in Milan you currently are banned on pain of imprisonment from travelling to Rome.

“Inside European countries there is a complete travel ban, a complete lockdown.

“You can’t really complain that you can’t travel from Italy to England or from Italy to America when you can’t go from one city to another in Italy.

“The same is true in Denmark. And it may become the case in other EU states soon also.”


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The US travel ban is due to go into effect on Friday at midnight EDT (0400 GMT).

France, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Turkey and Norway on Thursday joined the growing list of countries to close all schools, universities and kindergartens.

Italy – the hardest-hit EU nation – has seen its death toll from the virus rise to 1,016 from 827, with infections climbing by 21% to 15,113.

French president Emmanuel Macron said France – which reported 2,876 confirmed cases and 61 deaths on Thursday – was facing “its most serious health crisis in a century”.

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