BTK Killer led police with ‘sexual thrill’ notes detailing cold case years later

Sickening serial killer Dennis Rader, otherwise known as the BTK Killer, led police to his own discovery decades after he had strangled 10 people to death.

The BTK Killer, an abbreviation that noted the disgusting binding, torturing and killing of his victims, had targeted 11 people over two decades, killing 10.

He used a slate of plastic bags, pantyhose and nylon stockings to carry out his grim killings, which went unaccounted for until Rader led police to his location.

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It would appear the B in BTK stands for "bumbling", as the monster led police to his own whereabouts.

Rader did so by leaving a series of disturbed "sexual thrill" notes that were accompanied by graphic depictions of his murders and floppy disk communications, cracking open his own cold case back in 2004.

A random package located on a road in Wichita, United States, was left by the BTK Killer and featured a grim array of murderous depictions and a sketch labelled "The Sexual Thrill is My Bill."

Those same depictions were of his first four victims, the Otero family, who Rader murdered on January 15, 1974 with a rope and a plastic bag.

Among those murdered were Joseph Otero Jr, nine, and older sister Josephine Otero, 11, along with their parents at the Kansas-based home.

But it was a floppy disk that became his undoing after decades of evading investigating officers, who declared the killings a cold case just a few years before his arrest.

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Metadata featuring on a deleted Microsoft Word document had been stored on the floppy disk left behind with the sexual thrill notes, meaning police were able to track those who had modified the file.

That last modification, from Dennis and containing the Christ Lutheran Church location, gave police circumstantial evidence that soon led to a pap smear warrant.

Upon arrest, Rader chillingly told officers he had "suspicions why" he had been pulled over and subsequently taken into custody, where he has remained ever since.

Rader, who is locked up in solitary confinement for the rest of his life at El Dorado Correctional Facility, has no chances of getting out early but was granted access to a television and magazines in 2006.

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