Burning Man chaos with fake ‘Ebola outbreak’ rumours as person dies at festival

It looked like things couldn’t have got any worse for revellers at this year’s washed-out Burning Man, until rumours spread that Ebola was going around.

The whispers turned out to be fiction, but the panic and desperation exhibited seemingly sum up the mood.

One man is also reported to have died at the event, with police saying investigations are ongoing.

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The Nevada desert-based expression of freedom and creativity saw some 80,000 free spirits spend around £500 to come together to build the famous Black Rock City.

Organisers were forced to close the only road in or out after mud storms battered the makeshift city, but information and fear-mongering have been running riot.

Perhaps chief among the madness is the claims that the deadly Ebola virus had been doing the rounds – this of course is not the case.

Those whispers started on the social media platform previously known as Twitter on Saturday (September 2), with some accounts even showing fake screenshots supposed to look like the Centre For Disease Control (CDC).

But despite the claims surrounding these posts, there is no evidence to suggest the CDC sent anything of that nature out.

Other false claims have alleged that a quarantine zone was set up around the festival and others that aircraft were being sent to the area to form a blockade.

Chaotic scenes have only been compounded by news that a man has passed away at the festival.

Very little is known about the circumstances, but Pershing County Sheriff's Office said it is "currently investigating a death which occurred during this rain event,” and said their family had been notified.

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