Caremongering Facebook group helping Halifax residents impacted by COVID-19

A group of Halifax residents have come together to help spread items and information to those in the community most impacted by the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19.

The Facebook group, called Caremongering-HFX: Halifax-Area Community Response to COVID-19, was created on Friday, two days before Nova Scotia saw its first three presumptive cases of COVID-19.

Amber Tucker, who created the group, said one of its main goals is to provide food, health care and other necessities to those currently in self-isolation or quarantine.

“We’re seeing a lot of people offering to help, whether that’s rides or supply trips or things that they might have that aren’t available in stores right now,” said Tucker.

Tucker added that the group is being utilized to redistribute resources, as stockpiling prevents people from accessing basic necessities.

Another one of the group’s main priorities, Tucker said, is relaying accurate information about COVID-19.

“Incorrect information during a pandemic is so dangerous,” she said. “It is a very frightening situation, and people are alarmed and may be relying on information from maybe less-verified sources.”

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