Charles and Camillas secret son has own little plan to mark death of Queen

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A man who claims to be the 'secret son' of King Charles III has his own "little plan" the mourn the loss of the late Queen Elizabeth II, his wife has revealed.

Simon Dorante-Day, 56, has long claimed that he is the secret love child of King Charles III and his second wife Camilla Parker Bowles having been conceived before they wed in 2005.

The Australian-based engineer was adopted when he was eight months ol and claims his adoptive grandmother told him on her deathbed that he was the 'secret son' of Charles and Camilla.

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Earlier this year, he reportedly wrote to the Queen and asked her to encourage her son to take a paternity test but didn't receive a response.

Now, Simon's wife Elvianna has revealed the couple have their own "little plan" to mourn the loss of the late Queen, who they call Aka Lilibet — with Aka being an indigenous Australian word similar to grandmother.

Elvianna said: "We've got our own little plan on how we will address that and how we will address our emotions in relation to the old lady, which we called Aka Lilibet for many many years."

This week, Simon reconfirmed his commitment to prove he is the King's son and said he considering taking legal action against the Royal Family and is even willing to take Charles to court for DNA testing.

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Speaking to 7NEWS, the father-of-nine said: "There has been a discussion in there between a judge and myself and his barrister about the legal standing of Charles, and whether the monarch is protected by the law or is above the law.

“And the answer to that was no – they told me that we don’t see any reason why he is. And secondly, Camilla and her family are certainly not above the law. So that argument’s already been had and settled."


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