Charles Bronson has had a bust-up with his “long-lost son” George Bamby

Charles Bronson, Britain’s longest-serving prisoner, 70, is said to be disgusted with George over how he portrayed him in two-part Channel 4 show Fit To Be Free?

Bronson has now banned George from giving evidence at his parole hearing, which will heard in public after he appealed to the High Court over his sentence length.

But Bronson, who has been in jail for nearly 48 years, is reportedly furious after George said on the show: “I could be being completely f****ing manipulated by my old dad and he could get out of prison and fall out with me one day and kick the living f***ing shit out of me one day and stab me with a bread knife.”

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A source told the Daily Star Sunday: “Charles was gutted. George is dead to Charles now, he will never forgive him for what he feels is stitching him up with this documentary."

One of Britain’s most violent lags, Bronson has been inside for nearly 48 years. He now calls himself Charles Salvador after artist Salvador Dali and claims he is a changed man.

Bronson said: “I’ve swapped [my] sawn-off shotgun for a sawn-off paintbrush.”

His public parole hearing is due to take place Monday, after he appealed over the length of his sentence.

George reunited with his father in 2018, after getting a 99.98% DNA match.

It was revealed in the documentary that since then he’s been helping his father woo his girlfriends from inside prison by sending out sex toys at Charles’ request.

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In the documentary, George said: "Quite a lot of the time I find myself on occasion posting out little toys for some of his girlfriends.

"In fact, I've got one at the moment where he sent me the name and address of some young lady – well, not young lady, she's about 40-odd – that he's been talking to for a while.

"He really likes her and he wants me to post something out to her."

His wife, Maz, added: "He [Bronson] likes to please his girlfriends and that's the only way he can send them gifts of certain things.

In each gift, Bronson asked to add a note saying "I'll be out in a few months, while I'm still in here, here's something to keep you occupied."

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