Charles Bronson says why he wears iconic sunglasses – ‘it’s not sinister’

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    Notorious lag Charles Bronson has revealed why he wears those iconic round-rimmed sunglasses, and promised it is "not sinister".

    Given an opening statement where Bronson, 70, claimed he could "fill 15 hours" of the allotted 15 minutes, he explained why he was sporting the sunglasses indoors.

    It appeared that the infamous lag, who has been in and out of prison since his first conviction for armed robbery in 1974, was "blown away" by the parole board hearing, and had to sport his spectacles.

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    The panel chair noted that there was "concern" over Bronson's claim of being able to fill his opening statement with the 15 hours of material.

    Bronson, keeping his speech to the allotted time, said: "First of all, it's no secret I have had more porridge than Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and I'm sick of it. I've had enough of it, I want to go home."

    He went on to describe half of the 738-page dossier handed in during the lead-up to his parole hearing as "crap, absolute rubbish" before describing himself as a "retired prison activist".

    The 70-year-old, who now goes by Charles "Salvador" Bronson, admitted he had deserved some of the time he spent behind bars.

    He said: "Out of the 50 years I've been in prison, I have probably deserved a good 35 years of it… but I have been naughty. Not 'naughty, naughty', but naughty."

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    But it was his revelation on those infamous sunglasses, and the reason for wearing them at his parole hearing, that rounded out part of his statement.

    The infamous lag said: "Don't think I'm wearing these glasses for sinister reasons. My eyes are blown away with the light" as he discussed how being in solitary confinement made his eyes sensitive to light."

    It comes as Bronson made an emotional plea to the panel, saying he would like to make his mother's dreams, who he referred to as "my duchess", "come true".

    He said to the panel: "That's my mum's last joy on the planet, to see her son outside, doing me art, making an honest living of my art. If you’ve got a heart or any compensation give it to my mum and make her dreams come true."

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