Charles III love-bombed Harry and Meghan in his first ever speech as King

Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle were "love-bombed" by Charles III in his first ever speech as King.

This was the view of socialite Lady Colin Campbell who spoke out about Charles' first historic speech addressing the nation as on September 10.

King Charles addressed the nation and made a touching tribute to Her Majesty, whom he lovingly referred to as his "darling mama".

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He also announced the new titles given to Prince William and wife Kate, before adding "I want also to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas".

Lady Campbell told GB News that his mention of the two was tactical, explaining: "I thought he was also brilliant, in the way he love bombed Harry and Meghan, and made it absolutely clear that they have no parts to play.

"And I know they don't want to have a part to play but I don't think there's much of a way back for them, even if they did want to have a part to play."

She added: “It's a very difficult situation for the family and it's a very difficult situation for the father. You know, if you love your son, you don't want to have to cut him completely off.

"And I think it's the way he handled things was very decorous, delicate but firm. I was very impressed with the tone of his speech, and all of the main bullet points. He ticked every box.”

Lady Colin Campbell is a notable Royal Family commentator and has published several books about the family.

She has previously criticised the Duchess, saying on GB News that she feels Megan to be "calculating" and "driven by fame and wealth", reports the Daily Mail.

King Charles and Harry are reported to have a tense and rocky relationship, with Harry mentioning in his interview with Oprah that he was cut off financially and that Prince William was "trapped".

Following reports of Her Majesty's being under medical supervision on September 8, Prince Harry travelled via a jet separately, while members of the Royal Family including Prince William, Edward, Andrew and Sophie Wessex arrived at Aberdeen Airport to see her.


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