Cheat strangled wife after she found his sleazy texts when he blacked out drunk

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    A sleazy love rat strangled his wife after she discovered his texts to other women when he blacked out after a day of heavy drinking.

    Jonathan Neale admitted strangling his wife Claire after she discovered dozens of messages to other women while she put him to bed following a boozy day out watching rugby with his mates.

    Newport Magistrates Court heard that Claire checked Neale's phone after he had spent a day downing Coors Light beer and Jack Daniel's whiskey.

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    Having returned home from watching Wales vs Ireland in the Six Nations on TV, the bully cheat fell asleep by the front door with his trousers down, much to the concern of the couple's dog.

    Prosecutors told the court that Claire had picked him up from his day out and discovered that he had fallen asleep at a bus stop.

    “I got his wet clothes off him, put him to bed and had a look through his phone where I discovered he hasn’t stopped messaging women dirty texts, videos telling women he loves them and if he wasn’t in a relationship with me he’d be with her”, she told the court.

    Jonathan had several previous affairs and after checking his phone his suspicious wife told him: "We are done".

    The court heard the philanderer then attacked his wife, strangling her with his hands around her neck forcing Claire to "fear for her life”.

    Prosecutor Anna Parry told the court that she was only able to escape after she bit down hard on his finger, at which point he then fled the house and was later arrested by police.

    Neal’s lawyer Lynda Rhead said: "He’s not proud of himself.

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    "The defendant has shown his remorse from the outset. It was clearly a horrible incident that the victim should not have gone through.

    "This is somebody who is holding his head in shame,” she added.

    The love rat was handed a 12 month suspended sentence and given a two-year restraining order not to contact his wife.

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