Chinese cyber attacks soar as Putin demands Western spies are found

Xi Jinping facing ‘serious turning point’ says expert

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Cyber attacks on the West originating from China have steeply increased in the last year, experts have warned as Vladimir Putin has called on his FSB domestic agents to curb western interference in Russia. Cyber security firm CrowdStrike has identified an uptick in cyber attacks coming from China.

Adam Meyers, head of intelligence at CrowdStrike, said: “The past 12 months brought a unique combination of threats to the forefront of security.

“Splintered eCrime groups re-emerged with greater sophistication, relentless threat actors sidestepped patched or mitigated vulnerabilities, and the feared threats of the Russia-Ukraine conflict masked more sinister and successful traction by a growing number of China-nexus adversaries.

“Today’s threat actors are smarter, more sophisticated, and more well resourced than they have ever been in the history of cybersecurity.

“Only by understanding their rapidly evolving tradecraft, techniques and objectives – and by embracing technology fuelled by the latest threat intelligence – can companies remain one step ahead of today’s increasingly relentless adversaries.”

Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin has called on the FSB, his domestic security agency, to take down the “scum” that are critical of his regime and the war in Ukraine.

The authoritarian leader addressed the FSB college in Moscow, as fighting on the frontline in southern and eastern Ukraine rages on.

He said: “It’s necessary to identify and stop the illegal activities of those who are trying to divide and weaken our society; to use separatism, nationalism, neo-Nazism and xenophobia as weapons”.

Putin, who was head of the FSB until 1999, said these “illegal activities” had always taken place in Russia.

He continued: “And now the attempts, of course, are at their most active. Attempts to activate all this scum on our land.”

He also called on the FSB, which in English translates to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, to ramp up its effort to curb clandestine activities by Western actors.

The strongman demanded officers stop “sabotage groups” making it into Russia from Ukraine, heightening security around infrastructure, and suffocating what he termed terrorist or extremist cells operated by the West returning to Russia.

“It is necessary to identify and suppress the illegal activity of those who are trying to split, weaken our society”, he said.

“Western intelligence services have traditionally always been active in Russia, and now they have thrown additional personnel, technical and other resources at us. We need to respond accordingly.”

The 70-year-old also needs to improve its counterintelligence activity: “Significant information about the control systems of our military and law enforcement structures, defence industry enterprises, critical technologies and personal data must be reliably protected”.

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