Cocaine should be legalised and sold in government stores , says think tank

Cocaine and other Class A drugs, such as ecstasy and amphetamines, should be “nationalised” and sold in legal pharmacies owned by the government.

That’s the recommendation in a new book, How To Regulate Stimulants – a Practical Guide published by drugs liberalisation campaign group Transform.

The Transform initiative is backed by former prime minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, who wrote a foreword for the book, and former president of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos who clashed repeatedly with cocaine cartel bosses during his time in office.

Santo says that only legalisation will defeat the narco-barons.

Transform recommend a strict set of rules governing the sale of the drugs: sales should be limited to over-18s, the organisation says, with only one dose per purchase.

Transform’s chief executive, Dr James Nicholls, said the book’s recommendations are the only way of ending at the destructive “war on drugs” that has been costing live son both sides for more than 50 years. “Our proposals would take drug supply away from organised crime groups, creating a system that reduces harm rather than increasing it. The status quo can’t continue,” he said.

Ray Lakeman is a campaigner with Anyone’s Child: Families for Safer Drug Control. He told The Guardian: “It’s time to accept drug use happens and find ways to make it safer. I hope this book helps make those reforms a reality.”

A Home Office spokesperson firmly denied that there were any plans to liberalise the drug laws, adding that the government remained opposed to legalising cannabis “because it is detrimental to health and mental health”.

Labour’s Diane Abbott told the Sunday Times last September that, in the event of winning the next election the party would "establish a royal commission to review independently all drugs legislation and policy to address related issues of public health."

Labour would then follow its recommendations, if it suggested decriminalising some or all drugs including cocaine or heroin.

You can download the book here

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