Cold Paw! Russian cat travels over 2,000 miles to turn up on Brit south coast

An adventurous Russian cat travelled more than 2,000 miles across Europe to wind up on Britain’s south coast, it is believed.

The feline trekker, known as Ivan, was scanned for a microchip after being found wandering around Southampton in Blighty.

Rescuers were shocked to see that Ivan was registered as being from Russia – a long way from the coastal town.

It is thought that the furry friend might have stowed away on a lorry.

Ivan was found by an elderly couple before being taken to an adoption centre on the Isle of Wight.

They had to take him to the charity after their own pets became scared of the continental foreign intruder, Mail Online reported.

Tony Coster, 72, is a volunteer involved with the rescue of the brown whiskered moggy.

He said: “Being a Russian cat, I decided to give him a Russian name and I thought of Ivan.

"He will have to be quarantined on the Island at their isolation unit for around six months.

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"He really is a lovely cat: very docile and loves a cuddle, and he has those beautiful orange eyes and fluffy brown fur.

"We haven't really heard him meow.”

Ivan is something of a street-wise cat, having survived on his own for around six months.

Mr Coster finished: “He's also a very resilient cat to have survived on the streets for half a year, but he's being well looked after now."

Volunteers at the charity Cats Protection have made a public appeal in case Ivan’s owners are in the UK having recently moved to Britain.

The charity hopes they can reunite the long-haired feline in time for Christmas.

Ivan is thought to be around three-years-old. His microchip showed that he had travelled from Russia but did not offer an exact address.

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