Confused penguin joins wrong party and is saved by friend in amazing footage

An uncanny video shows two groups of rockhopper penguins meeting in the Falklands Islands, only for something strange to happen when the animals go their separate ways.

In the clip, one penguin leaves with the wrong group and doesn't seem to realise it has made a mistake.

But one of the penguin's chums looks back and realises his mate has awkwardly waddled off with the wrong gang and quickly leaps along to rocks to fetch the forgetful bird.

Honking noisily, both penguins hop back at double speed to rejoin their original gang and it's like nothing ever happened when they rejoin.

It's not clear what sort of audio or visual signal the penguin gave its pal, but it seems the bird quickly picks up on the fact it's wandered off with the wrong crowd and is only too happy to be reunited with its real friends.

The footage was uploaded on Twitter by Andrea Barlow with the caption: "The rockhoppers on the left are heading out to sea, the ones on the right are heading back to the rookery having been out at sea.

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"I love the conflab they have when they meet… and the confused penguin at the end!"

Unsurprisingly, the funny video has been watching more than 7 million times and many viewers admitted they had no idea penguin society and friendships were so complicated.

One person commented: "The ones who are confused actually forgot Whether they were coming from the sea or going towards the sea."

Another eagle-eyed viewer said: "I think they were going back to get their bud – it looks like there were 8 coming down initially, and then only 7 continuing, so one of them seems to have gone uphill until their friend came back and squawked at them."

"He went back to get the other one who had put themselves among the penguins heading toward the left," agreed another person, adding: "Watch closely."

Someone else said: "I'm sure those two have accidentally gone back to the sea again…"

Andrea, who is Director of the Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust, is fundraising for the museum.

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