Convicts serving intermittent sentences granted leave from prison during COVID-19

Forty-one people serving intermittent sentences in Nova Scotia’s adult correctional facilities won’t have to serve their time behind bars during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Department of Justice, they’ve been granted Temporary Absence Certificates allowing them to avoid incarceration and stay at home until further notice.

“The increased use of Temporary Absence Certificates, during these unprecedented circumstances, is being applied to protect the health and safety of employees and those incarcerated,” wrote ministry spokesperson Barbara MacLean in an emailed statement.

“This poses no threat to public safety, as these individuals are otherwise regularly in the community Monday (to) Friday.”

An intermittent sentence can be imposed by a judge if a convict’s term of imprisonment is less than three months. It means the individual can serve his or her sentence in small chunks, usually on weekends, while fulfilling work and family obligations in their communities.

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