Coronavirus: Angry ex-nurse wishes Mr Hancock ‘luck’ getting retired medics back

Health Secretary Matt Hancock called for retired doctors and nurses to return to the NHS to help out as things start to become critical.

This came after Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, London, was the first to call a major incident when they became overwhelmed by patients affected by Covid-19 – which has since been stood down.

But his plea was met with criticism from former nurses who didn't hold back in telling him exactly they thought.

Drawing on their own personal experience of working for the NHS their messages back were pretty damning.

Mr Hancock tweeted: "We're calling on nurses and doctors who've recently left the NHS to return.

We need you now as a part of the national effort to fight coronavirus."

Retired nurse, Maggie Jones, responded: "I left the NHS seven years ago. Ten years ago my salary was frozen by your government which still affects my pension.

"Nurses still haven't had a pay rise since then. But good luck getting the poor downtrodden saps to work for you."

And Donna Warburton wrote: "No. I left because we were treated like s**t, barely had time to pee on shift.

"Didn't have a pay rise in five years while you lot carried on getting yours.

"I'm at home now looking after my three children, being responsible, not going out."

And the mother of a former nurse added: "My daughter was treated like a commodity by the NHS.

"Why would she come back and get more of the same. No way."

Meanwhile, a doctor wanted to make sure the Health Secretary was aware of the sacrifice he was making to do his bit in the fight against the killer bug.

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Peechoo Qan wrote: "Mr Hancock. As a consultant I am about to leave my family at home and live in a hotel to protect them from illness as I don’t have the right PPE or option of testing.

"I’m soon going to start doing 2 consultant jobs to keep things running. No talk more action please."

A senior nurse at Northwick Hospital told the Telegraph they needed proper masks, gowns and gloves as she revealed staff were forced to wear clinical waste bags on their heads and feet for protection.

“We had to use our initiative. We had no other choice or we could catch the virus ourselves.”

“We need proper PPE kit now, or nurses and doctors are going to die. It’s as simple as that.

“We’re treating our own colleagues on the ward after they caught the virus from patients. How can that be right?

“There are so many younger people here on ventilation – many with asthma, or diabetes. They can’t stop coughing, they just cough and cough and cough and they can’t help it."

“There’s too many Covid patients coming in to cope with. We put on our brave smiles but inside we’re terrified. I don’t know what will happen next."

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