Coronavirus gives sex cam girls a business boom as randy customers stuck at home

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing many businesses to close – but one profession is benefiting from the health crisis.

Cam girls and adult performers are enjoying a boom in business as quarantined customers make the most of their services.

"If you're trying to sell porn, having the entire country cooped up at home with nothing to do is kind of a dream scenario," Los Angeles-based porn star Kate Kennedy told the New York Post.

Kennedy, 25, created an OnlyFans account a week ago, and now has users paying $10 (£8) a month to watch her perform sex acts, fold laundry in the nude and brush her teeth.

She now has 100 subscribers and has made four figures in tips and payments, typically what she would make in a month.

"Cam girls and content creators are doing business like crazy," she said.

Joslyn Jane from Miami is another OnlyFans star who sells sexy solo videos and "partner performances".

She says she's currently making about $1,700 (£1,385) a week, up from her previous average weekly earnings of $1,050 (£855).

"There is a lot going on," she said. "And we are definitely taking fans' minds off this."

However not all sex workers are able to take advantage of the coronavirus outbreak.

Some strippers who work in clubs are finding themselves low on cash after cancelling performances in the interests of public safety.

"I have decided to stay as far away from all clubs," said dancer Tyler Faith.

"I have cancelled quite a few appearances. Have to be safe in these times."

The internet has been flooded with coronavirus-themed porn showing quarantined patients and doctors in erotic situations, the creators of which have claimed is meant to educate people about proper hygiene practices.

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