Coronavirus: Halifax mayor, staff no longer in self-isolation as test comes back negative

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage and his staff are no longer in self-isolation but are continuing to work from home after they had a possible link to someone seeking testing for COVID-19.

Savage confirmed in a social media statement that the results for the person tested for COVID-19 came back negative.

“Naturally, this outcome is a relief, to the person who underwent testing as well as my office team that went into voluntary isolation,” Savage said. “This will not be an anomaly, but rather indicative of the challenges all of us will more certainly face as we unite against a virus the respects no borders or boundaries.”

The man who was tested had travelled to a mining conference in Toronto, but was not a direct contact of the mayor’s office.

Shaune MacKinlay, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office, says they are now no longer considered to be in voluntary self-isolation, but are following recommendations from the provincial government.

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