Coronavirus latest: Expert URGES Donald Trump to follow South Korea on BBC Newsnight

American epidemiologist Larry Brilliant recently appeared on BBC Newsnight to discuss the worldwide response to the coronavirus and he was quick to pick up the US on the lack of tests being carried out in the country.

Speaking on the show, Larry was asked by host Emily Maitlis about the worldwide response to the virus.

She quizzed: “So who do you think thus far has had the best response to this and who has had the worst in terms of governments or countries or procedure.”

To which Larry responded, comparing the amount of tests done in South Korea compared to the US.

“The South Koreans are inspiring,” he begun.

“You can talk about how it began and how many cases there were, but, for example, they (South Korea) have done 3,500 tests per million population.

“The US has done five tests per million population…”

Larry went on to imply the US had the worst response to the deadly virus.

He said: “I think if you look at those two numbers, they represent the two sides of good and bad response.

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“We can’t figure out what states to work in.

“People who are trying to make a decision to visit families and relatives don’t know whether the place they’re going to has more disease or if the place they’re in has more disease.

“Unless we have our lights on we’re blind.”

Many viewers agreed, with some criticising US president Donald Trump for his handling of the disease.

One viewer tweeted: “The good news is this virus will be the end of Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign.

“If the virus doesn’t get him the political fall-out of millions of Americans contracting it, with no medical insurance, will.”

A second added: “Trump is completely incompetent.”

The epidemiologist spoke out amid news that members of Donald Trump’s government have taken to self-isolating after being exposed to a man carrying the virus.

Several of Donald Trump’s political inner circle have self-quarantined after they came into contact with a man later diagnosed with the disease.

The White House insists Trump doesn’t need a coronavirus test, despite the president having been in close proximity of those currently under self-isolation.

Among those included: Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins, Ted Cruz, Paul Gosar, and Mark Meadow.

Mr Gaetz recently travelled with the president in “The Beast” limousine, later boarding a flight on Air Force One together, flying from Orlando to Washington on Monday.

The Florida representative was informed while en route that he had previously come into contact with a virus carrier at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland last month.

A message posted to Mr Gaetz’s Twitter account read: “While the congressman is not experiencing symptoms, he received testing today and expects results soon.”

In a statement, White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said the president has not yet been tested for the virus.

This is because “he has neither had prolonged close contact with any known confirmed COVID-19 patients, nor does he have any symptoms.”

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