Coronavirus origin: Startling similarity between COVID-19 and Black Death exposed

In December, the first cases of coronavirus were reported coming out of Wuhan in China, before it spread across the rest of the Asian nation. Although it is unclear exactly where the virus originated from, scientists are convinced it came from animals. It means that both the Black Death – which killed millions of people back in the mid-14th century – and coronavirus origins appear to have a lot in common.

Nearly 600 years ago, the Black Death outbreak first reportedly started in Central Asia.

Some scientists claim that it was originally found in China – but more in-depth analysis finds it could have come from Kazakhstan.

On the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health’s website, it explains that climate change could have had an influence on how plagues – and the Black Death – started.

This could have another impact on exactly where and how today’s coronavirus came around.

The institute writes: “Central Asian climate fluctuations appear to have had significant influences on regional human plague frequency in the first part of the 20th century, and probably over the past 1,500 years.

“This first attempt at eco epidemiological reconstruction of historical disease activity may shed some light on how long-term plague epidemiology interacts with human activity.

“As plague activity in Central Asia seems to have followed climate fluctuations over the past centuries, we may expect global warming to have an impact upon future plague epidemiology, probably sustaining or increasing plague activity in the region, at least in the rodent reservoirs, in the coming decades.”

Another intriguing comparison is how the diseases are transferred.

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Again, hygiene was a key factor in how the Black Death was spread, although the overall impact on the human body was completely different.

The coronavirus leaves patients with nasty coughs, high temperatures and aches, whereas the Black Death saw infected people get a variety of conditions such as tumours, fever, and vomiting of blood.

Both diseases are transmissible, which means they can be given to others by coughing, sneezing and breathing.

There is no evidence to show that the coronavirus will in any way be as horrific for the planet as the Black Death.

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So far, around 6,000 people have perished as a result of the coronavirus.

This is in stark comparison to the reported 200 million people that died during the plague.

Reports say that the Black Death is estimated to have killed anywhere up to 60 percent of Europe’s population.

It took 200 years for Europe’s population to get back to normal, with outbreaks continuing until the 20th century.

The latest outbreak has seen world panic erupt, leaving some nations to force its citizens into total lockdown.

In the UK, more than 1,200 cases have been confirmed of the virus.

Despite the panic, Downing Street has said that it has no plans to ration food in Britain.

Details are set to be announced on what happens next in the UK, and the Prime Minister’s spokesman said that retailers were taking “all necessary steps” to make sure food is still available for citizens.

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