Coronavirus Trump fears: White House panic after Ivanka met with infected politician

There is mounting panic over a White House coronavirus outbreak amid concern that Ivanka Trump could have been infected with COVID-19. The alert was prompted after Ivanka Trump was pictured last week standing next to Australian home affairs minister Peter Dutton, whose diagnosis was revealed today. Earlier today, Mr Dutton, who last week met with President Trump’s daughter and senior adviser, said he had contracted the new coronavirus.

The hardline Australian conservative tweeted on Friday that he tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19.

He wrote: “I feel fine and will provide an update in due course. This morning I woke up with a temperature and sore throat.

“It is the policy of Queensland Health that anyone who tests positive is to be admitted into hospital and I have complied with their advice.”

Last week, during a visit to Washington, Mr Dutton met with Ms Trump and Attorney General William Barr.

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It is not yet known when Mr Dutton contracted the virus.

This comes as the Australian government announced that starting Monday, all events with 500 people or more will effectively be banned.

On Thursday, the Hollywood actor Tom Hanks tested positive for the virus in Australia.

Following the news of the diagnosis, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “The containment processes of self isolation, identifying and tracing of contacts, all of these measures worked to successfully slow the rate of transmission of this virus.

“And that’s why Australia right now is in a position where we have low rates of this virus and the number of cases that have presented.

“But we’ve always known that the number of cases will rise.”

Other leading global politicians have been affected by the illness.


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Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has started a 14-day self-isolation after his wife Sophie tested positive for coronavirus.

More than 125,000 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in 118 countries around the world, according to the World Health Organization.

The total number of deaths is more than 4,600.

Australia has seen around 184 confirmed cases and three fatalities.

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