Couple ‘caught having sex in car’ try fleeing scene with policeman on bonnet

A policeman was filmed clinging on for dear life to a car bonnet in a desperate attempt to stop a couple from fleeing after allegedly being caught having sex in a car.

The couple were reported to be acting suspiciously in a dark corner near a fast food restaurant in Selangor, Malaysia on March 9.

Three officers reportedly saw the car "rocking back and forth" before supposedly noticing the couple making love inside the vehicle.

Video taken by onlookers captures the moment the couple drive away when the policemen asks the driver for his identification.

One officer stands in front of the car while another one knocks on the driver's window.

The defiant driver flees the scene, leading to the cop in front being thrown onto the bonnet.

Nearby pedestrians try to throw in an object in the car's path to stop the vehicle but the offender drives past and leaves the car park.

Mirza Amirin, who was at the area when the incident happened, said: "They [The police] stopped to inspect the people inside the car. They parked on the dark corner when there was enough space.

"They fled with the officer on the car trying to stop them."

The officer was injured but not seriously hurt. One of the motorcycles being used by the officers for patrolling the area was also knocked over by the bungling driver.

Kajang District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Zaid Hassan said the policemen in the video were officers from Bandar Baru Bangi Police Station Crime Prevention Patrol who found the suspicious vehicle.

He said: "Realising the presence of the police and after being ordered out of the vehicle, the male driver tried to escape. He also hit the policeman's motorcycle in front of him.

"They tried to stop the vehicle but the driver continued to flee with his girlfriend."

Mr Hassan added that they were able to trace the car's registration detail through the plate number and the couple is set to be arrested once they have their identities.

He said: "The police have already made an arrest warrant request from the court. The case is already being investigated."

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