Couple find bruised baby in garden after her naked dad stole car and left her

A baby was found dumped in a couple's garden after her naked dad stole their neighbour's truck and left her behind.

John and his wife Katharine McClain said they made the shocking discovery after their dog wouldn't stop barking.

The pair, from Texas, were led to the garden and saw the eight-month-old baby looking up at them when they opened the door.

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It comes after they woke up to the sound of their neighbour's vehicle which had a man sat inside of it in his underwear.

They said their security camera captured the mostly naked man looking through the doors before he reportedly fled with the truck.

John and Katharine thought the disruption was over after they alerted their neighbours but said their pet Archie kept looking at the garden shed.

It was then that John found the little girl.

“So, when I opened it up, the baby was laying right by the motorcycle," he explained.

He called his wife who initially thought he meant there was an animal, reports Action News 5.

Katharine added: “He said, ‘Call 911. There’s a baby.’ I thought he was just kidding. I was like, ‘OK, a baby snake, a baby what?’

"He said, ‘Call 911 quick. There’s an infant in here,’” she said.

The dispatcher told Katharine she could pick the baby up, so she wrapped her in a blanket and took her inside.

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The little girl fell asleep in her arms instantly, Katharine said.

She was found bruised and with a broken leg bone, according to ABC13.

The baby's current condition is unknown but it is believed she will be ok.

“I’m a mom. I was pretty frantic and distraught. It’s still kind of got me a little bit,” Katharine said.

Authorities have confirmed that the suspect who stole the truck is also the baby's father named Clifford Guynes.

Police said the truck has since been located.

According to records, Guynes is in the Polk County Jail for abandoning or endangering a child.

The McClains' said their security cameras showed the dad spending hours inside with her before he fled alone with the vehicle.

ABC 13 contacted the baby's mother who confirmed that she shares custody with Guynes.

She said he is a loving father and has previously never needed to worry about her daughter's safety while in his care.

Family members said Guynes wasn't behaving like himself after he was arrested.

“I just hope he comes out and takes care of his kid, cleans his act up,” John said.

His wife added: “I just want her to be happy and live a good life, and if they give her to me, I’ll take her in a heartbeat and she’ll never have any worries again."

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