Couple survive horror 300ft plunge in car crash after ‘miracle’ at fatal hotspot

A miracle couple tumbled a whopping 300ft down a canyon after veering off the side in their car, but somehow managed to survive the horror plunge despite a “one in a million” chance of living to tell the tale.

Cloe Fields and her boyfriend, Christian Zelada, crawled out of the wreckage with cuts and mild concussion before Cloe found her iPhone 10 still intact nearby to make an emergency call.

Although the screen was cracked, the lifesaving device used its emergency SOS feature to communicate with a satellite and alert a heroic rescue team who raced to the location, the Daily Mirror reports.

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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. John Gilbert said: “It’s a miracle in several senses. Nearly all of the vehicles that go over the side of the road in that particular area turn out to be fatalities.

“For them to survive the crash — is a miracle. The fact they had a piece of technology that survived the crash and it worked as advertised and got rescue to them in a timely manner is another miracle.”

The lucky pair’s terrifying fall came as they drove along a two-lane highway through Angeles National Forest in California, alongside the steep Monkey Canyon.

After a vehicle behind them started beeping at them, they pulled over to let it pass but lost control after hitting loose gravel, they said.

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They spun 180 degrees before rolling over the edge and hitting trees before flipping over and with the car landing on its roof.

Christian told his girlfriend after the unbelievable incident: “We were in the one in 100million who get to walk away with our lives and our limbs.”

Cops said that an investigation had been launched to work out exactly what sparked the crash and confirmed they had used a helicopter to rescue the couple from the canyon.


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