Defiant pensioner blares siren outside Russian diplomat’s house

Speaking to Nettavisen newspaper, Mr Krane said: “I want to wake them up, in a double sense. Both physically, but also in that they are also responsible in this war.”

Mr Krane used the sound of a Japanese fog horn as it bears a close resemblance to the sound of an air raid siren.

Footage of the protest shows Mr Krane wearing a white t-shirt emblazoned with the words “wake up Russians”. A resident of the building Mr Krane fired his sound at can be seen drawing back the curtains.

Before conducting the protest, Mr Krane distributed information at nearby apartments that explained what he was going to do.

Mr Krane stated: “Ukraine’s war is not our war. I am anxious that we accept the war. This is a moral act and I am ready to be arrested.”

On concerns about a large fine for his unregistered protest, Mr Krane added: “I am sure that I have enough friends and acquaintances who will be able to help with a few hundred here and there to pay for it.”

Mr Krane packed up his speaker and his equipment before the police arrived.

His protest formed one of many which took part around the world on the day of the invasion. In Berlin, artists dumped a destroyed T-72 tank in front of the Russian embassy and in Britain Led By Donkeys painted the road outside the Russian embassy in the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

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