Dogs spotted carrying human skull and limbs before horrifying discovery

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    Last Monday (November 6) a man in Brisas de la Primavera, a neighbourhood in the Mexican city of Zapopan, called the police after spotting a street dog carrying a human skull.

    The next day a woman spotted another dog with a tattooed forearm in its mouth.

    The gruesome sightings were just an indication that something far more horrifying was soon to be discovered. The Jalisco Search Commission and the Zapopan Search Group managed to find where the dogs were getting the human body parts from on Wednesday (November 8).

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    Disappearances – typically carried out by members of powerful drug cartels – are rife in Mexico. Zapopan in the state of Jalisco is no different, and earlier this year 45 bags containing human remains were discovered in a ravine.

    The bags found last week contained the remains of at least seven people. Luz de Esperanza, a group of relatives of missing people in the area, said they could not rule out that the dogs had eaten some of the remains.

    María de Jesús Solís, a member of the Luz de Esperanza collective, told MILENIO: "The remains are recent, the ones you see here, which is when the dogs could have grabbed them the most."

    Footage from the scene shows dogs wandering around the remote location while police continue to work. The dog carrying the skull was found roughly 1.7km away from where the burial site was. The second dog was roughly 0.5km away.

    Four more limbs were also found scattered in the area last Wednesday. The site itself consisted of different graves spaced 20 to 30 metres apart. According to Informador, an official's report described how it was surrounded by land and was "something huge".

    Investigations are continuing and it awaits to be seen whether more remains will be found. Authorities are yet to reveal who they believe is responsible. The area is a known stronghold for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) – considered to be the country's most dangerous drug trafficking organisation.

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