Donald Trump coronavirus warning: REAL fears outbreak could make Joe Biden president

President Trump had appeared to be on course for an easy victory in the autumn but his initial reaction to the disease suggesting it was no worse than the common flu has angered people working within his own campaign. There were even claims made early on that the coronavirus was being whipped up by the left to undermine Mr Trump.

Meanwhile, the President came under fire for his slow reaction to tackling the crisis even though he put in a ban on people coming in from China early on.

But on Friday Mr Trump declared a national emergency with a series of measures to help with treatment having earlier in the week banned all travel to Europe with the possibility of extending the ban to the UK.

But a consultant who has worked on the Trump Presidential election campaign warned that it was all too little too late.

Alarm bells have rung in the Trump campaign because Vice President Biden is now expected to be the Democrat’s nominee and is seen as a more palatable option than leftwinger Bernie Sanders.

Over the weekend a head to head of the two men vying for the Democrat nomination focussed on the need to get Mr Trump out of the White House to tackle the epidemic.

While Mr Biden has come under fire for appearing to be confused as times he is a strong mainstream candidate who pollsters believe can appeal to the blue collar voters who got Mr Trump over the line in 2016.

The consultant said: “I think if Trump hasn’t taken drastic, draconian action to curb this by Monday the election is lost.

“I mean, how could we possibly win if 400,000 Americans die because of this, which according to some experts is the best case scenario at this point.

“Problem A is that many voters we need are at risk from this disease. Problem B is those who aren’t at extra risk are still likely to know someone this thing kills.

“Are you going to vote for the President who let your grandma die because he was afraid restricting movement would hurt the market?”

The consultant added: “Unfortunately the President’s actions so far amount to security theatre. 

“A European travel ban would have been good three weeks ago. There is still nothing being done to contain the spread of the disease within the country.

“Interstate travel needs to be suspended. That’s the big obvious thing no one is talking about – we still have free movement within the states and that will be a problem.”

Another member of the campaign team told the Sunday Express: “All bets are off with the craziness of coronavirus. 

“I hope it will pass quickly and Trump can regain traction by summer. 

“Biden is not mentally or physically competent and everyone knows it. It’s sad and cruel that they are running him. He’s not up to it.”

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